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How does a lovable puppy become a loyal Canine Companions for Independence dog?
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assistance dogs for people with disabilities.

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Get to know your puppy
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Puppy Tips for Keeping Him at His Best

Basic Feeding Guidelines for Your Puppy
Basic Feeding Guidelines for Your Puppy

Whether you're interested in the meaning of puppy food labels, or finding the perfect formula, this is a good place to start.
Read More on Puppy Nutrition 

Top Five Housebreaking Tips
Top Five Housebreaking Tips

You've got your puppy home, and you're ready to start housebreaking process. Read ahead to get the perfect tips for potty training a puppy.
Learn about Housebreaking a Puppy 

Easy Steps to End Behavior Problems
Easy Steps to End Behavior Problems

Is puppy obedience an issue? Begin here to learn the basics for turning your extraordinary puppy into a well-behaved extraordinary puppy.
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Eukanuba's helping Canine Companions for Independence®

Canine Companions for Independence provides trained assistance dogs for people with disabilities. And Eukanuba is happy to do our part by offering the extraordinary nutrition in our formulas to CCI puppies so they grow into extraordinary dogs. Donate $1 now to help us reach our goal of also raising $100,000 for CCI.